Apply mission and values-oriented management

Is a poster all your mission and values are good for?


You’re very proud of your company’s mission and values. You try to take them into account whenever possible. Your marketing agency has done a great job of integrating them into your website and internal communication. You were almost moved to tears when you hung the poster describing your “respect” value on the kitchen wall.

Chantal from accounting, however, snarkily commented: it’s hard to see respect when you look at the state of the kitchen and the dirty dishes that have been piling up for at least two days…

At first you wanted to strangle her, but you realized that deep down, she had a point, and you wondered what to do to get your team’s behaviors in line with your mission and values.

Integrating your mission and values into your organization

The problem is that it is not enough to discover your mission and values. They must become specific and be translated into behaviours. You need to be able to translate them into practical criteria that members of the organisation can use on a daily basis and apply in their processes.

Your employees will live your values all the more fullyonce you’ve defined the expected behaviours and reactions consistent with your values in specific situations. This is called a “Culture Code“: specific examples, related to the different areas of activity of your organisation, a practical guide to applying your values on a daily basis.

Beyond that, your mission and values can become decision criteria,real management tools to know if a particular opportunity should be pursued, or if a certain way of doing things is relevant to you.

Does that sound complicated to you? We can help!

We do it like this:


We define the project and how to manage it based on your resources and availability

Culture Code

We write an explanatory document with you, like a manual, describing with specific examples the behaviours that reflect your mission and values.


We apply everything specifically to the different types of processes of your organisation (vision, decision-making, HR, operations…)

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