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Rediscovering the roots of your organisation to (re)awaken its potential


Even more than the fashion or music industries, the world of entrepreneurship is subjected by a whirlwind of trends and contradictory approaches. It’s difficult for organisations, their leaders and their teams not to be seduced by the [insérez ici la dernière tendance à la mode] sirens of agile, hypergrowth or . The result is visible everywhere: companies that immerse themselves in organisational patterns and adopt goals that don’t reflect who they are. The consequences of this? Most of the time,inefficiency. Almost always, a diffuse discomfort that permeates the whole organisation.

This is where we want to help.

Our experience and knowledge of the corporate world has proven time and time again that the greatest tool for progress within an organisation, regardless of the specific objective pursued, is to be able to connect with the principles and values that underpin its identity.

Our mission is to support organisations, their leaders and their teams in this quest for identity. To help them dispel conventional wisdom and trendy ideas and to overcome their own prejudices to (re)discover what makes them unique. And then to help them use this knowledge as the means to (re)define their goals and the best way to achieve them. With softness yet firmness, and a slightly punk attitude that is all our own.

Let’s celebrate your difference together, because it is the key to your performance. As Johnny Rotten, the iconic singer of the Sex Pistols, puts it: “It’s a very difficult thing to stay independent and persevere.” But it is also the key to true success.

Our values: the five commandments of the punk consultant


We’re punk consultants. The phrase “punk consultants” contains the words “consultants” and “punks”(believe us, we checked):

Consultants, therefore structured and disciplined. Because being a consultant means having a method. To investigate, search and discover with you.

Punks, meaning stylish with individuality. Because being a punk is all about attitude. An attitude of not falling for appearances and of seeking truth and authenticity.

Since we are methodical, we have values.

Since we’re punks, we called them commandments.

Here are the principles that guide our choices and actions on a daily basis. We’ve spared you the stone tablets. Because they would actually be super heavy to upload into the cloud.

Your intelligence and that of the organisation you shall mobilize

You shall remember that the best solution is one that stems from a deep thinking, rooted in reality and fed by relevant information. You shall therefore be keen, at every stage of the process, to provide the teams you are helping with tools that shall allow them to add to their thinking.

You shall not be content with ready-made solutions or half-baked ideas

You shall dig, scratch and ask the uncomfortable questions. You shall take your client and his team to hidden places, looking for forgotten purposes and buried secrets. Because you know that lasting change is only possible on one condition: that all its actors fully accept what is.

With respect, kindness and firmness you shall act

You shall keep in mind that change is neither easy nor comfortable. It confronts organisations, managers and teams with truths they don’t always want to see, hear or realise.

That’s why you shall always act with respect and kindness. However, you shall never hesitate to push the teams you support to their limits. After all, you’re doing this for their own good!

You shall also remember that respect must be present at all levels,including in the relationships between management and employees. So you shall never hesitate to confront anyone if necessary.

You shall structure chaos

Because it is possible – and desirable – to be both a punk and organised. You shall remember that a clear operating framework, understood and accepted by all, allows us to establish a relationship of trust and to reassure everyone about the different stages of the process. And you shall take pains to plan feedback moments at each new step, to make sure there is alignment with the goals and the ways to achieve them.

A punk consultant you shall be

You shall challenge the status quo. You shall atomize false pretenses and received wisdom. Not out of pleasure, but out of respect for the individuality of everyone and the uniqueness of each organisation. You shall help your clients rediscover their company’s DNA and invite them to celebrate their difference.

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