Discover your mission and your values

Stressed out, uncertain and unable to decide? You’re not alone

Choosing and deciding are the most critical activities within a company.

You should know: right now, you are being torn by incessant wonderings:Should youseize this expansion opportunity? Hire this person? Launch this product? Close this department?

As soon as you wake up, you get dizzy just thinking about it all. You go through all the options in your head without reaching a satsifactory conclusion. You frantically write lists of pros and cons without knowing which viewpoint makes more sense. By bedtime, you are still restless. Sleep is elusive.

Your mission and values as criteria

This discomfort stems from uncertainty. The solution lies in clear criteria that will allow you to aswer the questions that are tearing you apart. This is where your mission and your values come in. They are your compass, a daily managerial tool. They will give you the means to resolve your dilemmas faster and reach the peace of mind you dream of.

Mission and values are the answers to two fundamental questions:

Identifying them is not always easy. Indeed, it is difficult to access them only through cold reflection, becausethey are deeply rooted in emotion. We will bring you the techniques that allow you to discover them – without tearing your hair out, since that is precisely what we’re trying to avoid.

Discover your mission and values with us:


We will start by discussing the process with you. Who should be involved? In what way? This is your project, and you’ll keep your hands firmly on the steering wheel. And we’ll learn a lot about you while we’re at it.

Storytelling Workshops

We will host workshops based on storytelling and the story of your organisation and its members. They will produce the raw material.


We will refine this material together with your copywriters or external specialists to produce the final result.

Next steps

We’ll think together about the next steps to put your mission and values into play in everything you do

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