Goals and KPIs

The KPI Nightmare


If there is one topic on which everyone seems to agree, it’s that goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators for our readers allergic to consultant-speak), are important. You have to know what you are trying to do and measure whether you’re achieving what you set out to do. And this is true for both the organisation and its members.

On the other hand, as soon as you try to put things into practice, everything seems to go off track:

Pierre, your sales manager, is very proud of his brand new strategy. He confidently lists his goals and KPIs to his team. And then, tragedy strikes. Sylvie laughs and says we’re going to change our goals in less than three months anyway. Bart points out that his bonus is linked to goals other than those that Pierre has just explained. So he’ll just ignore Pierre’s goals.

Meanwhile, Antoine from HR is going crazy over the individual goals set by the organisation’s managers. They are ill-defined,it’s difficult to understand whether they are achieved or not, and how they relate to the organisation’s goals is unclear to say the least…

Thank goodness everyone agrees on the idea of KPIs…

Relevant goals, useful KPIs

These frustrations typically stem from the lack of a comprehensive and consistent approach in the management of goals and KPIs. Strategic goals are set with no clear process, individual targets are set completely separately, KPIs are measured without really knowing why…

It is essential to address this through a more integrated approach. So that the goals really indicate where you want to go, and that the KPIs really let you know if you’re on track.

In addition, like any management tool,it is critical to know how to use them on a daily basis and how to evolve them according to context and needs.

We therefore suggest a comprehensive approach that takes into account the world you live,in order to maximize the added value of your organisation’s goals and KPIs, rather than the time spent defining them…

Our approach to setting up your goals and KPIs:


We will discuss your current practices and their consistency with your organisation’s context, strategy, culture and members.


We will guide you in devising a more efficient goal-setting process, both at the organisational and individual levels. Depending on the need, it might be OKR, SMART goals or any other useful process.


We’ll help you set up KPIs that support your goals, including, if necessary, reviewing your tools (CRM…)

Evaluation and feedback

We will train and/or coach your managers in the performance evaluation of their departments and members.

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