Hiring for the organisation you want

Hiring gives you hives?


You’re the first to say that hiring the right people is essential to a company’s success. Yet you have to admit that it’s a pain in your, well…

You can’t find the profiles you need. You’ve been looking for a developer for six months. Despite Sylvain, your recruiter, spending his life on Linkedin contacting candidates. So you’ve decided to transfer some recruitments to an agency but their rates are really prohibitive.

Your latest experience with a headhunter has left a sour taste in your mouth: you paid 12,000 euros to hire a sales manager who turned out to be very bad(tm). You ended up having to fire him, but of course it was after 9 months and the guarantee offered by the agency had expired…

The worst part is that he managed to scare away several members of his team before you realised your mistake. You promised yourself that you wouldn’t be fooled again, but you’re not quite sure how to hold that promise…

Finding your recruitment ritual


Hiring problems mainly come from the process itself. We often hire in an improvised way based solely on instincts or methods that we have experimented in the past without being sure of their actual effectiveness.

We end up investing large sums in external providers with no guarantee of results.

Yet the secret to effective recruitment lies in a bit of structure and discipline. It’s not that complicated once the principles are mastered. We’ll help you devise a solid process that can grow with your organization.

Our approach to effective recruitment:


Together, we’ll determine the elements of your recruitment process to be reworked, based on your priorities.

Job Descriptions

We’ll teach you how to define your recruitment needs. To make sure you target the best candidates and don’t miscast people.


We’ll boost your sourcing methods to find your candidates on your own, on a reasonable budget. We’ll discuss both “push”methods (ads, marketing campaigns) and“pull”methods(direct approach of candidates)


We’ll help you implement simple and proven assessment techniques so you don’t make any recruitment mistakes

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