Simplifying your digital tools

When more tools means too many tools


Digitalization has brought us a lot of new experiences. The joy of getting rid of repetitive manual tasks. The comfort of having powerful tools available anywhere. The excitement of being able to get precisely the desired behavior.

But some of these new experiences generate some decidedly more mixed feelings:

François the sales asking you if the request to modify your product should be entered in Jira, Github, Zendesk or Trello. And you confessing to not being sure anymore. Everyone getting frustrated.

Bruno from HR explaining all the problems he has with software that you’ve been using for years. And you having to admit that you don’t know who could help him fix them. And everyone getting that much more worried.

Chantal from accounting explaining that software costs have skyrocketed in recent months. And listing expense items, half of which don’t ring any bells. Your nervousness rising.

The tools that were supposed to make your life easier now fill it with frustration,and cost you more and more.

Cleaning up your application portfolio


This type of situation is common. It stems from the historical development of an organisation and its needs. Tools were acquired to meet newly identified needs, without realizing that there was overlap, or that costs were soaring. And honestly testing things is a good idea.

We can help you see more clearly by mapping your needs and the tools that meet them. We will walk you through a series of choices to streamline your application portfolio. So that you get the most out of your tools based on conscious choices while keeping your costs under control.

We’ll retake control over your tools:

Mapping needs

Together, we’ll clarify the needs that your different departments have.

Mapping tools

We’ll make the link between the tools you have and your actual needs. Pointing to overlaps, inconsistencies and shortcomings if any.


We’ll suggest a rationalisation plan to eliminate unnecessary tools, replace some tools with the ones that would be more appropriate, and control your costs realistically.


We’ll help you put in place the simple processes that will prevent you from being in a comparable situation again.

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