Really useful team buildings!

Did your last team building really have an impact?


You were very happy about your last team-building. You had spared no expense and invested in a gigantic game of hide and seek across multiple exotic locations. Everyone loved it! (Except maybe Chantal from accounting who sarcastically pointed out that she wasn’t paid to risk her life in a remake of Indiana Jones). The atmosphere was excellent and you could really feel a moment of unique bonding within your company.

Two weeks later, you had to break up a fight between Pierre, your sales manager, and Julien from development. Again.

It wasn’t easy hearing Julien say “the company’s culture isn’t what it used to beand people don’t get along as well as they used to”. That was a bit hard to swallow, especially since you had just received the bill for the game of hide and seek…

With a sigh, you thought to yourself that next year, you’d just book a restaurant and that would be the end of that….

Organise a team building that is more than just a party

We’ve all had similar moments of discouragement. Who’s to blame? Surprisingly, the team-building itself! Putting everything you’ve got in one fun moment, however pleasant, will only have a very limited impact. If the only thing you consider when organising it is to have fun when the day comes, the only result you can get is… to have fun when the day comes.

The solution we recommend: organise a team building with a long-lasting effect,anchored in the reality of your company.

To get there, let’s start by discussing the state of your business with you: your sales situation, your competitors, and of course how teams and individuals interact.

We’ll take the time to understand who you are,where you come from, where you want to go and what the obstacles in your path are. Together, we’ll deduce what the most important issues to address are. And then we’ll integrate them into your tailor-made team-building. We’ll make sure there is a good dose of fun. And we’ll make sure there is a good follow-up so that the team-building is not just a single quickly forgotten moment, but the beginning of an exciting journey.

We do it like this:


We discuss your situation with you and reflect on the content of your team building.


We offer a formula that incorporates coaching elements, group work and large doses of fun. We make our network of partners available for extraordinary activities. You’re in control to make sure we follow your budget and your desires.


We manage your event. If requested, we manage practical details such as location, catering and accommodation. On D-Day, we take care of everything. We facilitate everything so that you can sit back and enjoy the day.


After the event, we will share our observations on the dynamics of the group and identify the attention points that need to be considered. We suggest improvement tracks to continue the work and maintain the effects of the team-building over time.

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